Showbox for iPad,iPhone free Download Guide

ShowBox For iPad : ShowBox for iphone is an awesome mobile application which lets you watch free Movies and TV shows online. showbox Apk for IOS is a premium app that has been made out for Android mobile platform only you can download showbox For android from this guide. So if you own an android smartphone or Tablet check showbox apk download guide. But in the below tutorial we will explain you how to download the showbox for IOS platform.This piece of app is a complete entertainer for your day; it will make you glad with nonstop entertaining movies and shows you can watch all day long. Regardless of all apps available in the market right now, ShowBox is the best in the business.Do you know that showbox for Blackberry is also available.

Showbox App Download for iPhone iPad and IOS

Out of All the Showbox Aternatives for IOS or iPhone users, Moviebox for IOS Stands out on top.



If you are wondering how to download ShowBox on IOS platform and devices like iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Have your read how to download showbox for MAC ? if not read it too. You can read our below guide to know how to download it.
You will get some killer features with this new app allowing you to stream free movies being. Next you can find tons of new and old collection of Movies. The TV Series list is never going to end in fact, as more episodes are uploaded every day. You can get the latest series, cartoons, animated series, anime and more for your daily dose of entertainment.

Must See : Showbox for MAC
The app is very useful indeed, with decent and simple UI style making the navigation much easier. You don’t have to scroll long ways to find your favorite lovely movie, simply search using the search bar. On the account of precision, it leads you to quality movies you like, even allow you to select which video quality to stream online. All the media is streamed online which may use your Data connection but do not eat any Storage space indeed. This way you will save your precious storage on your phone, by simply watching online. The App interface is very simple, clean and easy to understand. You can watch the homepage being filled with the newest Movies and TV shows, you can scroll down for more as well. The Tab menu, shows you different pages you can load like ‘TV Shows, Movies and Settings as well. On the other hand you can sort Movies or Shows by either label or categories. My Library is where you can add your favorite shows, to play again anytime you like. It works similar to Playlist keep your list of Movies to watch safer.

Download : Showbox for PC

ShowBox App Features :

There are so many features to discuss about this great app but let’s dig into few of them only. I have listed some of the features and details of this app below.

  • The app interface is very simple yet engaging
  • You can use search bar to find movies and shows
  • It will stream Movies and TV Shows for free
  • Three different video quality options are available
  • You can find the latest Movies, TV Shows and series as well
  • All new episodes and Movies are uploaded after their release
  • It is free to download for IOS devices and mobile platform

Steps to Download Showbox for iPad or iPhone :

step 1 : Firstly You need to Install Vshare App to get showbox for iPad,iPhone or any other IOS Device as shown in the figure below.

Click Download to Run Showbox for iPad

Step 2 : Click on Download showbox Unjailbroken Button as shown in the above Screenshot.

Step 3 : Once Vshare gets downloaded into your iPad or iPhone it will automatically start the Installation wait until the Installation process gets Done.

Step 4 : Now Press home button on your IOS Device, You will go back to the Main Menu in your IOS Device.

Step 5 : Open the Vshare App,You will see a Popup windows asking you whether you Trust it or Not as shown in the below Screenshot.

Click on Trust to Run the App

Step 6 : You can see a lot of Apps listed in the main menu of the Vshare App.

Step 7 : Type in “Moviebox App” on the Search Bar provided at the Top of App.Moviebox is the IOS Version of Showbox App for iPad

Step 8 : You can see the moviebox App, Click on Download Moviebox App and you can see the moviebox App being downloaded  as shown below.

moviebox for ipad iphone ios 9

Step 9 : Once the App get’s downloaded. You will see a pop-up windows asking your permission to Install the Showbox for iPad

Install Showbox App on iPad

Step 10 : Click on Install as shown in the Above Figure, wait for the Moviebox App installation to finsih

Step 11 :Click on Home Button on Your iPad or iPhone to see the moviebox App icon on the Main Menu of your iphone.

Moviebox on iPad or iPhone

Step 12 : Touch on the Movie box App as shown in the above figure to watch all your favorite movies on Showbox

Showbox For iPhone/ IPad : Download Show Box App on Mac

Also Read how to download showbox for IOS without jailbreak .



ShowBox app streams your favorite movies online easily. This app has been designed for mobile platform for providing great service. Why not download and use this awesome streaming app for your IOS device.

  • So first you have to download ShowBox for ipad IOS from the link
  • Now you have to download and save the file to your device
  • Next you can install the app, wait for it to appear on your menu
  • Now you have successfully installed ShowBox on IOS device
  • Run the app and start streaming free Movies on iPad!

Thank you for reading this guide about ShowBox for IOS. I hope that you enjoyed the article, please share the post online with your friends as well.If you Face any errors like showbox not working and Showbox Server not Found Fix it from the Link.

Showbox for iPad,iPhone free Download Guide
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      • i have followed all the steps and downloaded this on my iphone, but no matter what i click on inside the app wether its a movie or a tv show, the “watch now” link doesnt work and neither does the download one for that matter. I am unable to watch anything at all – have i done something wrong?


  1. We all like to watch a good movie now and then and in order to do do that we search for a good movie website that provide movie streaming. But mostly we end up with crappy sites where the only thing you can actually watch are ads.

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  3. I have enjoyed using showbox on my android devices but each time I try to put it on my iPad mini I get directed to movie box which is similar but not the same. I like showbox much better. Please help me.

  4. Hey!
    I would love to download this on my iPad, however I am having some trouble with it. After I click download, it downloads it in a different tab and I was unable to install it after that.

  5. Hello I have been having a problem trying to download the correct link I have a new Samsung tablet.that I am just getting used to . please Help

    • I have the same problem, it keeps saying my email or password is incorrect. I’m so confused as to what they want!

  6. Downloading MovieBox from Vshare just keep showing me “installing” but never shows finished.
    What to do?

  7. I am trying to download showbix for iPhone 6 but vshare will not install..any recommendations?

  8. I downloaded the vshare app but I can’t open it. It is blocked. Is there a way around this?

  9. Can’t seem to download it onto my iPad. Installing then says its unable to install.

  10. I can’t install Vshare App to my iPad because this is an .exe file. IOS does not allow these files and my iPad is not jailbroken. Can you help please?

  11. When I try to open the app a message appears saying ” untrusted enterprise developer…… Until this developer has been trusted their apps will not be available for use”
    What should I do? I cannot open movie box.

  12. Downloaded iOS 9 and all still can’t get movie box only show android version not for iPhone 5S can someone help please

  13. How can I download this on iPhone 6s Plus with update 9.3.2, I tried to download earlier and the message ‘unable to download application, please try again later’ popped up. Help please

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