Fix Showbox Video not Available Error and Server Cannot Connect Error

Showbox App might be your personal choice when it comes to watch unlimited Movies and shows. It is one of the most amazing apps that everyone wants to have showbox for ipad , showbox for Android and showbox for Blackberry Smartphone’s. I bet you must have this App; that’s why you are here to read more about the guide below.If you don’t own a smartphone then download showbox for PC.

Showbox Video not Available Error Fix Guide : Watch ShowBox Movies without Errors

Also Read here how to fix showbox not working error and  watch your favorite movies uninterrupted.

Showbox Video not Available Error Fix Guide

Showbox Video not Available Error Fix Guide

Well if you don’t know what Showbox for iPhone is, then let me explain it. It is a free to use online Movies and TV shows streaming on your Apple iPad. It can be downloaded for free as I said above but there are more than enough features a part of this as well. You can find hundreds of long back Movies and the latest ones in the app and each TV show listed with all their episodes. So, what do you need more other than to watch free stuff online without paying a penny? It can be used to stream movies using Chromecast to your TV or screen you like. You might have successfully downloaded and installed the Showbox for Android and IOS platforms respectively. Then you can have fun watching unlimited movies from your Smartphone with no one to worry about. In our other guides we have also explained how to download and run showbox for PC  on Windows PC and MAC OS platform using emulator.

How To Download Showbox APP :

Before we get on with the topic of errors, you can use the below links to different articles which will explain you how to install ShowBox app. The below links can be helpful for you to find ways to install the app on Android, IOS, Windows PC and MAC Platform.

ShowBox App Not Working error :

Even though this is a great app, most of the people are stuck with one problem stating that it doesn’t work. So I thought to answer most of the problems and solve them for my vivid readers who love to watch movies using ShowBox. Please make sure you read the whole guide below and get the answer for your respective problem as well.

Is it Safe To Use ShowBox App ? 

ShowBox can be of great use but the content present on the app is very safe for all ages. But it is to understand that parents can take extra care of letting their children’s use the app during their watch time. All the Shows and Movies present on the app are released firstly on TV and Cinema theaters. It means that the content is good to watch for adults and children’s.

ShowBox Does Not Play video/Movie error

Sometime this error may occur stating that “Video Not available” when you try to watch any movie or show. This problem is only caused due to the old version; we can solve it by installing the latest version of the app.

How To Stream Movies Using ShowBox :

ShowBox can be used to stream movies not only to your Smartphone but can be connected to TV as well. Here we can use GrowBox and AllCast app to stream the movies directly to your Television.
So if you want to learn more how to stream ShowBox movies to TV follow this guide here

How To Find Subtitles For ShowBox Movies :

ShowBox app does not contain subtitles from beginning, so you can install LocalCast app to find and use with the app.

How TO Fix “Unfortunately ShowBox Has Stopped” :

ShowBox can be used for long time but the app can give such error and crash at times. This problem arises due to extra cache filled up which needs to be cleared or wiped up.

Showbox unfortunately Stopper Error

Showbox unfortunately Stopper Error

  • You can go to Settings from your device
  • Click on General settings button and then select the Application Manager option now
  • After that you have to choose the app and clear “Data and Cache”

Thank you for reading the guide about how to fix ShowBox error. We have tried to find and solve almost all ShowBox error and Movie streaming problem to our limit. But if you need answer or solution to any problem please drop it in the below comment section.

Fix Showbox Video not Available Error and Server Cannot Connect Error
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  1. Hi there

    i have the new version installed but still saying ‘unfortunately stopped working’
    I have cleared cache and data but still same.

    Any ideas?

    thanks Mark

  2. Awesome site you have here but I was curious if you knew of any community forums that cover the same topics talked about in this article? I’d really like to be a part of community where I can get feed-back from other experienced individuals that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks a lot!

  3. Yeah I’ve tried this and still have the same problem with it not playing and giving the server is down or not Available. I have this app on my phone and it works just fine.I have a filling that none of the fixes u provide will solve any of these problems.

  4. using showbox in bluestacks. installed version 4.15 supplied in bluestacks apps video section no other version can be installed if any other file is attempted to install get file corrupt can not install. So bugs can not be fixed in bluestacks. Does anyone no how to get around this problem with updating showbox in bluestacks.

  5. Hi I’ve downloaded the latest version of shoebox on my hudl2 but it either says no video available or it stops working.

  6. Almost every movie works however there is a lot of buffering and some shows will not load certain seasons. For example, Teen Wolf season 3 will not load yet all of the other season will. Please fix! I have tried to even delete the app and it does not help.

  7. I downloaded this to my phone and others without a problem. My problem is that whenever i pick somthing it wont play and ask to update it. Then it says update error. Ive tried but cant get it sloved. Any help would be appreciated

  8. I have had this app for quite awhile now and it was working perfectly always, more recently it won’t play anything and only says one server, I’ve tried everything listed here to try and fix it but nothing seems to be working? Please help.

  9. Hello I need help with my show box every time I go to started up and I go to hit update it’s not updated it keeps saying update air and the videos are not playing at all i’ve tried clear and cookies and clearing and I try clearing data but it still does not work and I tried downloading different versions to see if that would work I am so clueless what to do now so if you can please help me I would be totally grateful

  10. I bought a mygica atv380 yesterday(December 20 2015). It will allow me to play tv shows but no movies. I have tried every fix that I have come across, uninstall and reinstall…clear cache and data but nothing is working. When I first load the app it tells me update available but when I click to upgrade it says “update error”. If someone could please help me get things working I would really appreciate it. If not I will return the box for simpley being a PoS.

  11. Hi need help. I’m trying to view movies on show box ,but it keeps saying movie not available use another server. How do I make show box work?

  12. I downloaded the update.. Still getting error.. Will not show any movies.. Any help?

  13. Hello I’ve installed the newest version of the app still luck please help. Thank you

  14. Season 3 teen wolf nothing showing up but all other seasons working fine any help please ?

  15. Hi I just downloaded the app a couple of days ago and ever since its not working. It says video not available for everything. When I first enter the app it ask me to update I try and all I get is update error. Please help me …

  16. I just finished season 2 of teen wolf on this app and now it won’t pull up the episodes for season 3. Other than that, this app is awesome.

  17. I just finished season 2 of teen wolf on this app and now it won’t pull up the episodes for season 3. Other than that, this app is awesome!

  18. Hi
    I’m having problems getting showbox to work. It used to operate great and I believe my ISP has somehow blocked my access. when I try to open any movie I get the “circle egg timer” loading icon which never loads. This is the case on both my android phone and box. I’m sure its an isp thing as if I turn wifi off I can get thing to load. My phone also works fine at work from a different server. Anyone any idea how to overcome this??

  19. Showbox not work it installs but then say connection error and no movies our shows come on the screen what can do ?

  20. My old version kept saying showbox has stopped so I deleted it reinstalled it but it seems different also video not available on some it never did this before???
    Cleared data and cache forced stop restarted still the same

  21. Hi, ive got a zenpad 10 and itll download but it wont play anything, it either says video not available where the watch now buttons should be or itll cut out and revert to home page. Any ideas? Ive downloaded the latest version, ive deleted cache done all that.

  22. I had shoebox but deleted it because it wasn’t working. Now I try to download again it won’t let me ??.

  23. Teen wolf season 3 doesnt work on showbox and American horror story season 5 has no sound to it at all please can you fix these as they are my two favourite shows cheers.

  24. Had to get new tablet and now it will not work. Downloads just fine but says use different server. What is going on? Works fine on phone though.

  25. This app is a load of crap it keeps saying unfortunately this app as stopped working after i update it ive cleared all the data and cleachs but its still not working any help anyone before i stop everyone i know from downloading it to there pc phones and tablets

  26. This seems to not be up to date, it’s may 8th 2016 and showbox hasn’t been working for approximately 2 weeks, keeps saying use different server, or shoebox is not working now….administration please let me know if this will be fixed soon, this was best app ever

  27. I think i was drunk the 1st time i was reading this lol so i google it and got showbox 4.23 and it did not work not surprised

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