Showbox Apk Download : Best Showbox App for Android Guide 2017

Showbox apk download : Showbox app is a great streaming service to watch Movies and TV shows. show box Apk is provided for free which is far better than when compared to paid ones like Netflix. Show box App has been made with great conscience putting user engagement in front. Users who download the Showbox for Android can feel free to install and start using it. There are no up and down payments to be made, not much annoying ads or any restrictions to watch.

The app lets all users to find their choice of content like any favorite Show or Movie from past or present to stream.If you are willing to watch movies on PC, Then download showbox for PC Then users can click on the sleeted media and stream them directly via mobile. Did you see how simple it can be in this daily hustle life where watching movie might be a freak show for you? You can ping your device, hook the showbox app and find movies you like and start playing them.

Showbox Apk Download : Best Showbox App for Android Guide 2017

You can download Showbox for iPad to watch movies on your iPad. The only restriction can be your Smartphone battery which may dumb while you watch movies all day long on Showbox app .



Showbox for Android  is very simple yet engaging in fact with such creative and hardcore features. The app has custom interface which is very neatly designed, users love it, and color contrast is yellow and black. I love the whole concept behind the showbox app to provide free service to mobile users and let them watch what they like. If you are wondering the movies and show might be limited to few. Then you are wrong, they have whole collection of Movies and TV shows for over decades. All you need to do Is browser through the Label and Category section to find the best movie in each section. Or else you can search the name of the movie or keyword using their search bar. It will bring you some exact results as well.

Important part is you only have to let the app use Data connection which no matters to you precisely. It will bring you the best three video formats available like Low, Medium and Best to play with. You can select the best suitable video quality option to stream according to your data connection service pack.

ShowBox Features and Details

Most of the times users love to use showbox for blackberry but some people do check the features at glance to know whether it is reliable. I have listed out the features below but it’s up to you to decide to choose it or not.
PS: Surely you are going to love to this app because you are not going to pay anytime for it

  • The most effective part of the app is the design, it’s creative and unique
  • The app has got brilliant Interface simple yet responsive
  • It has been released for Android mobile platform
  • It uses your 3G or Internet connection to stream online
  • App can stream Movies and TV shows online for free
  • It w ill not eat any storage space form your Smartphone
  • You can find Movies using Label, Categories or Search bar precisely

Users who have already downloaded showbox apk/ App and who are facing problems using this app can read Fix showbox video not available error

How To Download Show box APP :

ShowBox app has to be the perfect dose of enjoyment for you. It can stream various Movies, Shows and more online easily. You can get this app running on your Smartphone or device easily by downloading the Updated / Latest showbox APK File.


  • The very first step is to download showbox apk file from the button below.


  • Even if you are done with the downloading, you still won’t be able to install the apk file because you have not allowed your device to accept apps from unknown sources. Then go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and chose the option to allow apps from Unknown sources as shown in the picture below.

allow showbox from unknown sources

  • Now go to the location where you have downloaded the showboxapk on your mobile . Usually this happens to be downloads folder on your phone double click on it to start showbox app.showbox open
  • After the successful installation of the Showbox, you can find an icon of SHOWBOX on the home screen of their device.

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Showbox Apk Download : Best Showbox App for Android Guide 2017
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      • Why does the app keep telling me unfortunately show box stopped worked. Ive tried everything, deleted cached files under app and reset it and updated it a million times. Is there anything else im not doing?

        • Hello…I’m having the same problem, I’ve tried everything and still nothing. Did you finally get a solution to your problem? Please and thank you.

          • My name in John kaawa I having a problem. With my showbox how can I fix problem

        • Im trying to download it on my tablet and it wont work. I have a samsung LG with boost. How do i download it.

          • Show box just keep stopping and videos not showing

        • I am having the same problem want even let me update. I am trying to finish One Tree Hill…love that show

      • okay i followed all the stpes but when i got to play the show it loads and then give me like a dead puzzle piece face??? am i missing a plugin or something>

      • My show box isn’t working it saying “movie currently unavailable something about using another server.

      • I still canmot get showbox working on android, tried reinstalling, just says server not avail, nothing else to pick or says stopped unfortunately….any ideas my friend is still running fine, is there a certain version for samsung tab 3??

      • Hi, show box is not working correctly it has put all shows into segments plus as of today only the first part plays like for 12 mins then nothing. Can you help please.

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      • I’m new to this n my update keeps saying error update and try different server what must I do

      • Any chance you could take the really loud add music off your app. It was so loud that it actually woke my neighbours and their children never mind my children. Is their any need for it to be so loud. Very inconsiderate. Aside from that i really love your app and i recommend it to everyone.

      • Im new an young is it illegal if i download this. I not gonna be tracked am i. I do wanna download it

    • fuck showbox people get netflix fuck showbox is a piece of SHIT!!!

  2. Pingback: harshal
      • Showbox is from Korea I believe. It allows people to watch about every New movie before it has even made it to Redbox or dvd at stores. It plays some movies that are still at the movie theater. All for free to your phone or computer. All you have to do is download this untrusted source and allow it Full Access to all the content on your phone, Tablet, or PC…Everyone is so caught up on receiving free movies and tv shows that they don’t even think of the risks or costs. I think there are laws that prevent people from copyright. I’m pretty sure that watching New movies that haven’t been released to dvd yet is most likely illegal. How is it that this company can provide all this free content to everyone without the Federal Government of the United States pursuing them? Most likely because they are doing it from Korea. Why would they be so generous to give us free access to this content? I am just guessing, but when we give them permission to all our content, personal data, stored on our electronic devices, this is the trade off. I guess All Americans are as ignorant as they say we are. Just think about it for a second.

      • I can not watch any movies using server 1 and I can get them to come up on server 8 but in segments and it will only start playing a minute into each segment

        • I’m having the same problem won’t download shows or films in one go help showbox

      • Hi I’m new to show box and have just watched seasons 1 to 3 of game of thrones but cannot see seasons 4 or 5 do you know when they will be on please, cheers

  3. Hi, show box is not working correctly it has pit all shows into segments plus as of today only the first part plays like for 6 mins then nothing. Can you help please.

      • I was using showbox n was uninstalled from my phone something is wrong with it I watched dead pool n captain America civil war before it was uninstalled so I download it again n now its not letting me watch no movie all the movies r trailes please fix it

  4. I can’t find any link to update. wad hoping an update would bring back seasons 4&5 of game of thrones. I’m dying!

  5. Love the app but it is not loading anything. I’ve updated the app and checked my network. Network is running fine. I have read the fix and Cleared the cache and dada. It is not working. I’ve even deleted and re downloaded the app. Anything else I can try?

  6. I was wondering where the correct link download this app. I was looking all over and could not find the link.

  7. To my comment above I have a new Samsung tablet.that I am just starting to get used to.I would appreciate anything you could do.

  8. Download will not work on my Samsung tab 4 Any suggestions will be appreciated. Is it be a use it does not have enough data.


  9. Says vidoes not available on this server, but only offers 1 server, and says I need an update when I try to install update says update error

  10. Showbox is not working at this moment it keeps on saying server error what can I do to fix??

  11. Hi
    I have showbox on galaxy s5. Tried to download latest version (4.46???) As the app isn’t updating. Still having the same issues. Can you help??? Seen mention of version 5.03 but no links. Thanks

  12. I’ve had this app a while and it’s really good but lately it won’t update so I can’t watch any of the programmes I like (empire)

  13. I have installed showbox on mygica streaming device. All I get is server not available and only server 1 is listed. I also get an update error when I try to update showbox. Can you please help?

  14. Shoebox is not working will not upload any of the movies I want to watch andbi have good internet connection. I have Uninstaller And reinstalled The app Several times still nothing. Hope you fix it soon love the app as all the movie you can think of..

  15. love this app ..you guys are the best.. i will pay to keep this app running in my phone ..one thimg is i dont know why keep saying video not available use another server …something you guys are working on or its just my phone??

  16. Hello please help !I love this app but is not workng. Can’t update because of error. Movies and shows update but won’t play, it just shows me blue loading circle for hours. I have a good Internet connection and seasons and adds load and work just great but shows won’t play!

  17. Can’t up date shows won’t load event though I have a good Internet connection and adds load and work fine please help I love this app

  18. You have to go to phone settings> security> check box which allows downloads from unknown souces

  19. Missing seasons 4 & 5 of the show I watch. This has happened with other shows as well. It can be a huge irritation when you are addicted to a series! Lol…any answers as to why or fixes coming?

  20. Getting error in updating the app, though tried to clear cache and data but didn’t worked, I am using the android smartphone, thanks in advance..

  21. Won’t let me update I keep getting update error I am using galaxy s6 active and galaxy tab a… he played pleaze

  22. Hi my showbox app keeps coming up update error and wont let me watch anything! Any suggestions? Is it just me or are there others having this problem? Thanks x

  23. Showbox not working on my hudl2 for days now,update error when trying to update and video not available try another server,wasted hours now trying to get it working anyone help??

  24. Greetings to all, I have try everything trying to make showbox operational but nothing works, keep saying video not available / try another server (no other servers are available, only server 1 ) Is this an overall problem? Is there an estimate time for this to be solved? Showbox has been without service for weeks now, however notice if a device has the application previously installed to this issues still work also if this problem is due to the last update is weird because even though is conducted, it should present the same problem but it doesn’t.

    I did the test with my son LG tablet that have the app for months and is working, however I have uninstalled the app from my galaxy note 4,installed back without success (I have try all version available). I did the same test on an LG phone and still the same issue ….. Please if anyone knows the solution to this, post it so all showbox fans can continue to enjoy the BEST movie application; alternative app are good but not the best ….. .Thank you! Great Day to all….

  25. 1 year ago ShowBox was a Great app. Now, with the server error messages and the app just closing for no reason after clicking on a movie, this app is just unusable for me now. I have a Hudl2 tablet, I’ve cleared the cache, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, I’ve even factory reset my tablet, still ShowBox will not work. Shame. It’s gone from a great app to a crap app.

  26. 1 year ago ShowBox was a Great app. Now, with the server error messages and the app just closing for no reason after clicking on a movie, this app is just unusable for me now. I have a Hudl2 tablet, I’ve cleared the cache, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, I’ve even factory reset my tablet, still ShowBox will not work. Shame.

  27. I had this during the summer and it worked perfectly. Last week, I had to factory reset my Galaxy tab 7inch. Reinstalled this apk, but it wouldn’t play movies. So I un-installed it. Then I installed a VPN app from Google playstore, re-installed this and now it works like before. Maybe this will work for some of you.

  28. I downloaded the app several times after it uodated it took off several seasons that i no ive watched i was wondering is there an updated versiin that has the update tvshows? .thank u

  29. Everytime i go to watch anything i get yhis processing data screen coming up and then i can’t watch anything when it goes away and i don’t watch it using data i use wifi …help please

  30. Hi there, I totally LOVE your showbox app ….. some tv dramas like code black, I am unable to HEAR anything it your highest resolution. It only offers it @ 720 P. Are you able to fix it pls ?? Been dying to watch this series. Are you able to add “Agent X” and “Rizzoli&Isles” to Showbox please ?

    Many many thanks, and thank you for creating and constantly updating this wonderful app !!!

  31. Guys stop waiting your time with this sh##t all I every read is were working on it here’s the link it’s a joke !!!!!

  32. Show box is the best movie app ever. I just have one problem with it. I deal with it though because I love the app and will not give it up.

  33. Love the App. The one but is now coming….No Jessica Jones but we can get Fuller House? Both are on Netflix. Just a question. Love the app overall though.

  34. How to whach the moives it will not let me whach the tv shows moive anything

  35. I have the most recent version on all of my devices but all three say that server 1 is not available. It has been like this for over a month. Is server one down? Is there an estimated date on when it will be fixed? Or am I the only one who is experiencing this problem?

  36. I am still getting the Captcha. I went to the VK website, which you stated in your problem fixing section as where your server exists, and I created an account but when i go to enter the information in on Showbox, I dont get time to log in, it immediately uploads the Captcha and stays there, and will not accept the information I enter. I stay logged on to the VK website when I do this, hoping that the server will read the info that I am logged in and allow me access to Showbox films. I have updated the app, uninstalled and reinstalled several times, but this has been going on since April 30 2016. I would love it if you could fix this, its a great app.

  37. Wheres jessica jones season one ? And also when luke cage and iron fist drop their shows will you have them? I think this is ingeniously awesome thanks man/woman/ group!! Lolthanks a lot for ur gracious bestowment on us movie and tv buffs lol…just please take into consideration I LOVE COMIC BOOK MOVIES!!! i love them!!! Thanks

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  39. What happened to show box, it stops working. I was in love with show box, please fix it…?

  40. I download the duke, but when I click “open”, I get an error message ” unable to scan”. I have enabled apps from non play app store. Please help!

  41. Why do files download in parts now? I like torrents but sometimes files are more reliable when you download them directly. But I can’t do that because the parts always stop downloading in the middle & I have to start over. So annoying. Also when I cancel a download to download from a different seed or use a different method it continues downloading the one you canceled. I have to clear data/cache in the app to download the movie differently. Which means saving favorites is useless. And now there’s all these unnecessary extra sections like news. Who needs all that! We just want to download files and now it’s so complicated.

  42. Please fix currect episodes on your app only having terrents please get servers back so i can stream and download through servers

  43. Hey im a big fan of The Empire show..can you guys please add season 3 if possible….im dying to see what happened…i would think you guys were always up to date with all the new shows and movies….please if you can..all i see is season 1&2 on there…Thanks

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