Showbox Not Working, Loading Errors : Fix Showbox not working 2017

Showbox Not Working : ShowBox not working on pc,xbox,hulu ? Read this tutorial to fix it. Showbox app has to be the best app I’ve ever used to stream Movies online. It is as well entertaining and the best free streaming application out there. The best thing you can ever imagine is to watch your favorite Movie or Episode of TV series right off your Smartphone once you download showbox app. That’s quite simple to do; you just have to install this app, run it and search for the movie or video to play. I feel really blessed having showbox app because I don’t have to pay for this app because it is free of course. On the other hand the app is creatively cool; it has gone through many changes and has received thorough bug and version changes. You still get statistical updates timely which keeps running the app to the best of its limit.

Showbox Not Working, Loading Errors : Fix Showbox not working 2017

If you don’t know where to download showbox apk click here.The app has got so many bright features you will love to have it right now. But let’s not be so tickle and get off the facts right. The app has gone through many changes in the design which brings the best one to it now. You can see the app looks amazing indeed, the color scheme and customization is perfect. User will love to search and get engaged to the app features precisely due to the looks.

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They even have different options like to watch Movies, TV shows and other stuff separately. The custom search option which fits every situation and can find any movie you want right off their base. But make sure you at least put in one word or two of the Movie or Show title to find. Never mind but you can also use the category section where finding the best rated Movies and Shows of all time is so easy.


ShowBox FAQ :
Are you even listening to me, if yes then you need to get this app downloaded right now. But after download and the installation process you can get many questions. Questions about how the app works, does it have any virus, and is it free, will it shut down and many more. So, I though about they gathered some of the most trickled question about this app with satisfactory answers as well.

  1. ShowBox File Not Supported?
    ShowBox is one bright Movie player and can stream them easily. It accepts only few files but in cases it can show error “File Not Supported” during streaming to TV most of the times. To solve the problem you can switch on and off your Smartphone once.
  2. ShowBox for IOS
    ShowBox is not yet released for IOS operating platform, but it released for Android surely. We prefer to use MovieBox app for IOS devices intimately.
  3. ShowBox Not Working
    ShowBox is a simple app but sometime it might get buzzed due to lot of usage as well. Or else the app might be outdated and you need to install the latest version.
  4. What Are ShowBox Requirements To Run?
    There are not so many system requirements you need to worry about but having better Android version can be good. I suggest you to get something above 2.3 Android versions and get this app running smoothly. In case of PC, you only need to have Bluestacks or any other emulator pre installed.
  5. How To Download ShowBox Latest Version
    This app has been getting constant updates time by time and every time it gets better. So, all you need to do is to browse through our site and look for what device or console you want it. Most the times we update the latest version for each desktop, mobile and console platform timely.
  6. Can I Watch 3D Movies on ShowBox?
    Well 3D Movies has been hell of a question but for time being you cannot watch such things at all. It might take time for developers to come with a handy version to deal with such new and creative Movie viewing aspects.

Thank you for reading this guide and FAQ about ShowBox app. If you think I missed something please let us know in comments and suggest if you got something better as well.

Reminder : Please Update to New Showbox App which will eliminate 90% of errors.

Please be patient for the Game of Thrones Season 4,5 and Season 6 Upcoming Episodes on showbox.We are currently working on it and somehow try to fix jessica jones and few other tv series on xbox one and 360 errors.

Showbox Not Working, Loading Errors : Fix Showbox not working 2017
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      • First let me say I gave up cable for Showbox. I love showbox! My problem…ONLY with this season’s Walking Dead I have no volume. Its not my Samsung 4 Tablet. Please help?

      • Can you tell me why the movies when downloaded are in parts this is highly annoying when pinging via all cast proto my smart tv. How can I resolve this so the whole movie plays rrather than having to cast each part at the end of each other. (Thanks

        • I’ve noticed when u download or watch something from anything other than server one it does that. But if u make sure it’s on server 1 it should work fine

        • I’m have it g the same problem newest update is done and all the movies show in parts very frustrating please help

        • Download avi mpeg wmv mp4 flv video joiner. It’s free and very easy to use.

      • Please help, showbox keep saying “update error” so I cant watch anything at all smh

      • I can’t get show box to work on my LG tribute 2 it says pick new sever but there is only one server on it

      • My showbox keeps coming up with checking data and then adds the movie to downloads but wont download it? 🙁

      • Hi, since the recent updates I can only use Vlc player to watch my program, and quite ofter there is a huge lag between sound and image. Unfortunately I can’t now use my internal player, which is better, as there is no sound. Can you please help. Thank you!

      • Is sthere a fix for game of thrones yet? Love showbox, but still shutting down when I try to watch GOT 🙁

      • Hi
        Just downloaded showbox again but keep asking to enter captcha as and when I do nothing happens and asked again and again.
        Please help

        • Happens to me as well. Also music search ‘ not available ‘why?

        • I’ve downloaded showbox 4 different times now, same thing happens. I can’t play any shows or movies on server 1 because that captcha pops up or it says processing forever… so I use a different server and it plays shows in 10min increments so annoying.

        • I have that same issue along with nothing is available to watch only previews and including if I even download it. The loading won’t ever stop and its continuous

      • I haven’t been able to get the app working properly for months. I’ve uninstalled it and reinstallEd it just comes up with server error,showbox not working or that box where u have to put what the number/letters are….totally fed up with it!!!

      • Does anyone know how to solve the problem with every movie is only available for download?

      • for some reason my showbox app is telling me only to download my shows and what are seeds and why is It in parts

      • When I try to stream toyou smart tv it tells me I need to download my player. When I install it, it still won’t stream. What do I do? We love your app and have been really missing being able to use it. Thank you for all your work.

      • Been having problems streaming anything i love your app but not being able to stream anything kills it for me gonna have to uninstall if it stays like this not worth it. then i found this thanks thanks alot

      • Showbox is awesome. love this app more than anything thanks for the fix

    • How do i watch episodes of person kf interest on episode 21 in season 1 if it doesnt work

    • The highest resolution on all my movies is 720p…is this the highest resolution available? I can’t find ANY 1080p movies on this app

      • is Showbox down for maintenanceis giving me an update error I can’t download anything or watch anything these are happening till I had to delete the old Showbox Andrew put this on off please help thank you

      • I have a Samsung tab 4 and downloaded the app and it says there is a download update and I keep getting an error message what gives? Go to what he a show and it says try another server but it only shows one server

  1. i’ve used it on iphone and ios but when i use it in my MAC PC am getting same error

    • Follow this guide and you can surley resolve all the video not available app not working errors fixed

      • Showbox not working on hudl2 day saying ‘video server not available try another server’ Tried clearing data and cache no joy. Please help.

  2. We have downloaded the showbox appmtomone of our tablets but we keep trying to download it onto another of our tablets (same as the first one) and are constantly getting an error message that showbox has stopped working. We have uninstalled it and reinstalled but the same error message appears.

      • Hi ive been having trouble with showbox i am waiting around for season 6B on pretty little liars and it doesnt come out until january 12th so i have decided to watch all the six Seasons again I’m on season 3 but when I clicked on to season 4 Nothing came up I decided to skip on to season 5 but nothing came up either I skipped on to season 6 and it loaded I’ve watched the first 3 episodes Off Season 6 but then it stopped I updated it and I uninstall it and got it back again I clicked on to season 3 and the whole season was missing I clicked on to season 1 2 3 and 4 and it was gone are the seasons of Pretty Little Liars has disappeared help me I don’t want to miss January 12th

        • I am having the same problem,season 4 and 5 of pretty little liars are empty on my showbox

          • I also have the same issue…is it now working for you guys?

          • I am having the same problem but with teen wolf every season works except season 3 please fix

        • I am the same it either says it’s updating. Goes through the process but God new episode is notherwise there or showbox crashes anxiety won’t play anything

        • Hello i too am having problems.. All shows and films are there on main screen but when you click in to series there are no episoded or if you click on a movie there is just blank screen with waiting swril… No content. Please help ir wias working fine the other day i have updated but still same problem. Please help as I love this app.

          • I have the same problem, I don’t know how to fix it. I’ve already tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it did nothing.

        • I am having the exact same problem, seasons 4 & 5 of pretty little liars aren’t showing up but season 6 is. If anyone has a solution please do tell.

      • Game of thrones is not working for a couple months. Every time I click on it showbox shuts down. What’s up with that? Thanks for your response.

      • @showbox hi im glad you have fixed the other problem i complaint about?but….i have another problem season 4 and season 5 wont come up plz fix thank u ?

      • Hey show box maybe u should help out your customers all these problems and only 1 msg stay tuned for update. Really ur update isnt working keeps saying error update so help is fix the problem

        • I cant get my showbox to work either, left countless comments but no one gets back to you.

          I have had to delete showbox app, I have tried all the various fixes and nothing works. The latest update just says update error.

    • My showbox stopped working.i’ve cleared my cacheand it still doesn’t work. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled but to no avail. I get a message to try a different server but the only server that comes up is torrents. I like show box so much so sad i cant use it. Please help.

  3. Showbox still saying unfortunately showbox has stopped on tablet after clearing data,cache uninstalling and redownloading

      • Hi showbox. Server 1 on other player is not working therefore I can’t do smart screen and watch on my TV. How do I resolve this

        • You can’t…..showbiz will not work anymore due to only being able to use server 8 and 1 and they dl movies in parts and are a huge pain to stream. On to the next streaming service, doesn’t look like showbox will ever get fixed.

  4. Update installed. Still not working.

    How can you manage to create an app that worked so well and balls it up so spectacularly?

    Sort it out ffs.

  5. Please help me show box is not working I try to link it to my xbox 360 from my phone and I use allcast but allcast is not supporting it

  6. Hi is anyone else having problems with castle on showbox, ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but i have the same problem that i can’t get past season 4. Very annoying

  7. Showbox stopped working for any movie I try to watch. Cleared data and catch and no joy. Re installed a number of times with the same result. Why?

  8. Showbox not working on android phone. Can only get 8 mins of the shows that are usually thirty mins to an hour long. Please help.

  9. When I download a movie or tv show, it is split into many parts. When I play the file, only the first part will play. The other will not. The built in video player doesn’t seem to allow for multiples files? Please help!

  10. Not workingo on tablet have cleared cache deleted re-installed deletrd re-installed dozens of times am getting the list of films etc then when i click on it just buffers internet is working on lap top am missing this great app

      • Not working on my android phone when I try to cast .before when I clicked play now I was given options to cast or play now no options either download or play on device

      • Hello I have been watching teen wolf all the season will show but season 3 will not I want to watch season 3 how can I make it work on my phone thanks in advance

  11. Hey! Some movies only let me download, the watch option isn’t there, what shall I do?

  12. Shoebox just won’t work on my new tab! Every time I click on a movie it just shuts down! Please help

  13. Another update and still get the stopped working error…

    Do you actually know what the issue is?

    • Another Update is on the way! we have a lot of installations which inturn led to a lot of burden on the existing servers

  14. Hi I’ve been using showbox for over a year now with very minimal problems! ! But today and yesterday 31st of October 2015 i try and watch anything it keeps asking me to choose an action ie: to choose a video player to watch it on MX PLAYER / VLC / THE STANDARD VIDEO PLAYER ON MY TABLET ?? but ever time i choose one i get the same message CAN NOT PLAY THIS LINK ?? Ive cleared cache ive uninstalled ive downloaded the latest version? ? Nothing is working please help. .

  15. Game of thrones season 4 and 5 gone missing, they were there while watching the end of seanson 3 now no on the list????? So fustrating

    • Same here! Like wtf it makes no sense#!#! Need to finish season 5. Please showbox developers!!

    • We are uploading the entire Game of Thrones Seasons Again. So please be patient cheers!

    • December 15th and still no GoT seasons 4 and 5. C’mon developers please please please fix. I mean that’s like having episodes IV and V of Star Wars but not II, III and VI (screw episode I). Dying here!

      • I’ve given up on expecting game of thrones to get uploaded… try some other apps to get your game of thrones fix or dl torrent

  16. Mine keeps shutting down when I click on game of thrones. Only that show. Everything else works fine.

      • Hi i need help !!!!
        Ive been watching pretty little liars all the seasons for a second time but when i came back to watching season six every season was missing from 1-6 they were all gone help please this isnt the first time it has happend either ?

  17. Hello all. I check showbox regularly to see what new movies are available and stream them online.

    However in the last few days the only option on new movies is to download. Watch online ia not available.

    I’ve checked recent movies that i watched online and they also have watch online option removed. Some movies still have watch online option

    Is this a new feature whereby only option is to download?

    Also i would love to request a few old movies to be made available. Can i make auch requests?

    Cheers Larry

    • We are moving our to new servers that can handle high traffic. So all errors will be fixed very soon!

  18. i am having the same issues as others. Downloading films and they are now being downloaded is 6 parts. Also being asked what video player do I want to use. I have loved this app especially as it free but these issues are preventing me from enjoying the films. Also tried to watch a series but it came up with sound not compatible. Please help

  19. i am having the same issues as others. Downloading films and they are now being downloaded is 6 parts. Also being asked what video player do I want to use. I have loved this app especially as it’s free but the issues are preventing me enjoying the films. Also tried to watch a recently added episode and it came up saying the sound wasn’t compatible.

  20. it is october 5th 2015 and i cant get show box to work on any of the three devices that i use it on. anyone know whats gouing on.

  21. I’ve not been able to get show box to work on my new tablet which is a ASUS Zen 10. Sometimes it kicks me out and other times it will play 1 episode but not the next. Any ideas how to resolve the issues?

  22. I love showbox and have minimal problems, nothing beyond the scope of technology. I prefer to download what I am going to watch so I don’t have to worry about wifi strength. The last couple of days it will no longer download anything. I tried everything.

      • Android phone. Force’s me to download everything now. No option for watch now. Even shoes how many are seeding. What to do now. Found afdah but i want my showbox

  23. For some reason I can’t find Game of Thrones season four and five. I’ve already cleared my cache,cleared data,and uninstalled then downloaded the app again but nothing is working.

  24. Showbox will only let me see trailer of movies. I can still watch tv shows just not movies

      • Kelly thanks for letting us know about the error.Our Technical Team are working on it.Can you download the movies ?

        • Showbox has been messed up. It neither let’s you watch nor download movies, all it shows continually is “Do not close the window, window will be closed on data processing completion”. A lot of fixing & overhauling is required on Showbox now. Cartoon HD has taken over, especially with their custom downloading, which let’s users download movies & shows via download managers for stability. Showbox should consider adding custom download to her subsequent update, because they’re lagging behind now.

          • That is all I get too, “do not close window etc…been going on for months now… uninstalled, reinstalled over n over but same issue.

    • I am to annoyed by game of thrones as I am the shows and movies cutting in and out all the time stop go stop and go it really sucks thinking of not using this app no mor

        • When will you have Game of Thrones season 4 & 5? In November of 2015 you posted that you will be uploading them, I still have not seen them? You had them before.

  25. I can only watch trailers…not movies. I cleared catch uninstalled app. Nothing works. Any ideas?

  26. Keeps asking me to select a player but none are working? Any idea what date this will be resolved by? Thanks.

  27. Also trying to watch shows like the flash and gotham is incomplete. the show is made available to download, however only part of the show, not the whole show. quite frustrating considering it is a great app

  28. Hi I’ve got showbox on my android box, movies play fine but none of the shows work, always says can’t play this video, do you know why?? Thanks

  29. I have been using showbox on my hudl 2 for almost 12 months with no problems, up until recently where I have uninstalled and reinstalled probably around 10 times since start of October as absolutely nothing will work for me. I click on a movie or TV show and it just kicks me straight out its getting very frustrating. Especially considering it seems to be working fine for every one else I know?? What isnhappening?

    • It’s the same problem for me. Every time I go on the app to try and watch something, it crashes and pretty much throws me off the app

  30. Showbox has been messed up. It neither let’s you watch nor download movies, all it shows continually is “Do not close the window, window will be closed on data processing completion”. A lot of fixing & overhauling is required on Showbox now. Cartoon HD has taken over, especially with their custom downloading, which let’s users download movies & shows via download managers for stability. Showbox should consider adding custom download to her subsequent update, because they’re lagging behind now.

  31. Shoebox used to work just fine, but recently very temperamental and now practically dead. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling on my hudl2, but no change. Practically every attempt to access anything fails. No x-files or I get a partial episode or an episode reverts to start part way through. No James bond. Practically every time I get no server.

  32. Hi, I was watching Lost season 3, then I wanted to watch season 4, but guess what, seasons 4 till 6 are gone. This is also the thing with Game of Thrones. Please fix

  33. Every time I click on a film or try to watch a film, the app crashes!! It’s annoying because its the only app that has every TV show on it that i watch. The app just crashes every time I go on it. It’s been going on of too long

    • Agreed. Crash virtually attempt. After a number of failed attempts I then get blocked for having watched too many videos!

  34. Please please please fix this app and upload the episodes of vampire diaries and American horror story… thank u 🙂

      • Show not letting me watch movies or TV shows, on android player or all cast, it starts to stream thend errors to” slow server connection or wrong media type, it was working on January 1, but after that it just stopped working.

  35. Hi, I have showbox on my lg volt, and when I’m downloading movies if anything happens, such as a phone call, or an email notification etc. The file size changes and if I continue to download then the file won’t work and I will have to start completely over. Also, occasionally the download will pause itself, and this disruption will occasionally cause the file size change as well. It’s getting a little irritating having to restart the downloads all the time.

    • keep your device in the flight mode and give a try, In the mean time we will work on this bug

  36. Good Morning,

    I’ve installed AMIDuOS for the first time today… Along with Showbox 4.27

    Perhaps you don’t offer support for what I’m attempting however My problem appears to be the same as Natasha’s.

    Showbox installs correctly, I can Run showbox, and it will update the movie listings to 100%. But when I choose a movie, and showbox transitions to the screen where you choose to Download and or watch movie… Showbox automatically exits everytime.

    I think it has something to do with the advertising pop up? I’ve cleared SHowbox Cache and Data multiple times, as well as uninstalled re-installed. I’ve also pre-installed MX Player, in hopes that it was related to the issue. No Luck.

    If you you can recommend another Android emulator, I’d be willing to try that. I tried bluestacks, unfortunately appart from being slow, it would crash every single time I tried to transition movie files from Bluestacks to Windows. (seems to be a common issue). Thus that’s why I’m trying AMIDuOS.

    Thanks you.

  37. My movies seem to be working fine but none of the tv shows will load or even show to hit play.. They are constantly loading and doing nothing more so now i cant watch any programmes.. Please help.. Ive cleared my cashe and uninstalled, reinstalled and updated several times.. My internet connection and everything is fine..

    • I am having this exact same problem, I too have uninstalled and reinstalled, to no avail as well as clearing cache and data.

      I have noticed that I can “watch now” some movies but no ts shows at all, If I click on a tv show, i get the processing screen, which flashes between the tv show title screen and the processing screen, if i click close on the processing screen, I am told “video not available, try another server” but there is only “server 1” in the choices.

      Absolutley gutted :'(

  38. Hi, I love ShowBox but lately it seems that all the servers are down? Im not able to download or watch movies or shows on either my Laptop or phone. Please help! I have cleared my data on my phone and have the new version downloaded on both my computer and phone. Thanks!

  39. Hi. Evrytime I open the app and click on anything it automatically shuts off and I’m back on my front screen. It doesn’t say anything just shuts off if I click on a movie. What’s up with that? Yes I cleared everything so its not that.

  40. Hi how come showbox no longer up dates new movies. All the new updates are same as netflix

  41. Im only getting seasons 1-3 of Game of Thrones. Why i was right in the middle of season 4 and now it’s gone. Why? You guys are killing me.

    • I feel your pain… I just finished game of thrones 3rd season when they took off season 4

      • we will upload the season 4 and season 5 of Game of thrones ASAP. Inconvinience regretted

        • By the way the people that are crashing from game of thrones and a few other shows I have figured out why. In their cache or where ever this information is stored , they have it saved in a season that is no longer there. When you try to load it , game of thrones for instance, and you left off in season 4 or 5, which are no longer there, it doesn’t know what to do… so it crashes. I found that clearing your cache or just Uninstall/reinstall will fix your problem. After that is done it will put you back in season 1 and you will find that as of now season 4 n 5 aren’t there anymore

  42. Showbox downloads fine but when I try to view a film it won’t play just keeps loading.

  43. Just today on showbox at 10:53 pm 8th DEC it started to show ”SERVER ERROR” message on most movies and series links + yesterday the series link page changed their appropriate series cover pictures without any update

      • Greetings to all, as of today Jan 2ND 2016, I have try everything trying to make showbox operational but nothing works, keep saying video not available / try another server (no other servers are available, only server 1 ) Is this an overall problem? Is there an estimate time for this to be solved? Showbox has been without service for weeks now, however I notice that a device that have had the application previously installed to this issues still work. If this problem is due to the last update is weird because even though is conducted, it should present the same problem but it doesn’t.

        I did the test with my son LG tablet that have the app for months and is working, however I have uninstalled the app from my galaxy note 4,installed back without success (I have try all version available). I did the same test on an LG phone and still the same issue ….. Please if anyone knows the solution to this, post it so all showbox fans can continue to enjoy the BEST movie application, alternative app are good but not the best ….. .Thank you! Great Day to all….

  44. Hi, i try update my new version of showbox but it shown update error??? May I know how to fix this issue??

  45. Not had any film/TV show updates for 2 days. Hope the creator of showbox is still working to provide a good service???

  46. For some reason the episodes for any show are not there it’s just blank same with movies

  47. Today I was watching family guy and showbox forced closed. When I re-opened it all the episodes of every show on showbox was gone. Don’t think I’m going to use this anymore to many funk ups as of late.

  48. Both movies and shows will not load any episodes etc when you select the show. I have reset my device and even used a different device with the same problem. Any advice? Thank you

  49. I have been using Showbox for ages now and never had any issues. However, today, 12 December 2015, I cannot seem to watch anything on either my Galaxy S4, Galaxy s6 or Galaxy tab pro. It updates all the new updated shows or movies but when I select something rather the circle buffer stays on screen constantly or the show name comes up, along with the ‘add to library’ ‘share’ but no picture, or download/watch options. Cleared cache etc and u n installed before reinstalling latest version but same issue…

    Any advice?

  50. So trying to d/l a movie and it is not giving me the option on movies it’s just a spinning circle, and tv shows just show title and that’s it

  51. Hey…. Showbox wont even show the watch now or download button….. I click a movie/show and just shows a small loading circle going round and round. I cleared cache and data. I evem fored stopped the app.

  52. I had the a[[ fully updated but the movies and shows I clicked on wouldn’t load. So I uninstalled and installed but it kept saying “Update Error”.
    And the movies and tv shows still wont load.

  53. How come I can’t see none of the season to any TV show? Only thing that pops up is the name of the show and how many seasons but not the episodes themselves.

  54. All my favourite shows seems to have no episodes available at all today….is this a general problem? Gutted as it’s my only time to catch up when baby asleep! Thanks

  55. Not had any film or tv show updates since the 10th Dec 2015. Is everything OK or something wrong?

  56. Not conplaining just a weird bug has happened I can watch the shows on show box but it hasn’t updated since December 10 but the version on my phone still updates tFine should I just reinstall it or is it just a bug?

  57. My android box came with Showbox preloaded. How do I uninstall it in order to get the latest version? Currently when I go to movies and shows I keep getting a message that says processing. I have forced stop the app and cleared the data and cache to no avail.This problem started in the last week.I love the app and will like to continue to use it.

  58. Im having the same issue i love show box but no updates the last few days whats going on

  59. Lost is up to season 6 ..not 3. I can’t watch and stop half way. Fix this please 🙁 x

  60. Just downloaded show box on my tablet but it states server unavailable and error updating to new version even though I installed the new version already. I had it installed on my phone a few weeks ago and it works fine. I even cleared the cache and uninstalled several times today and still not working … Should I wait another day before I try to reinstall again? Are new installs temporarily down? I downloaded showbox 2 days ago on my husband’s phone and it works fine.. Please advise.

  61. When i hit update it keeps saying error updating on android galaxy s5. When will seasons 4 and 5 of game of thrones be back. Please help me out. You guys are the best.

  62. Showbox doesn’t update daily like it use to. Any ideas? Tried to re-download it but same issue. Please fix I’m using samsung devices.

  63. Hi I’ve had show box now for a few years and it’s a fantastic app. But this week there has been no updates on all of my devices. Please let me know how to fix this.

  64. hi
    showbox isn’t working on my android tv box,it asks me to update,but then says update failed.also I cant select movies to watch,on the same box I have kodi with showbox on but the gui isn’t as good to use and id prefer to get my android version working

  65. Normally when i open my app i can go to the sidebar menu and it will show an update icon for new tv shows and movies. But now for the past few days my app hasn’t updated. What could be the problem?

  66. I can only get showbox to work if I use a vpn!
    Which obviously slows streaming down
    I use pdanet to tether and it won’t work without a vpn now.
    Any advice showbox?

  67. Every time I choose a movie it says “video not availabl try another server” I’m using a matricom q box. Where do I go to possibly change servers.

  68. Hi reading this I have the same problem on Hudl2 is absolutely dead, Showbox is saying select another server, how do we do that, or change settings but to what. All I get is update error, or no video available or its processing and then just sits there or its stopped working, have uninstalled, installed, multiple times. Please can you tell me when this is going to be fixed.

  69. My shoebox is not working it keeps saying try another server. I have deleted and installed it again but still same problems.

  70. The Fargo s2e9 files seems to be corrupt. At any quality level, the video plays back at about twice the normal speed and the audio is totally out of sync.

  71. Uninstalled and reinstalled again, but no joy. Watched an episode of Agents of Shield and Big Bang Theory, but then nothing, no servers available for practically anything. No X-files. If I try too many times I get locked out.

  72. I got a new phone and installed showbox. after install it ask to update but I get an error message. I will not update and I can’t watch anything. Says servers are down. On my other phone showbox works fine just on the new phone that I installed it won’t update. Please help!!

  73. I am having problems streaming showbox to google chromecast! I use AllCast to play them on my tele but now they’re not working properly. Please help. The movie plays fine for a few mins and then it just freezes. I’ve tried other apps and they’re 100% fine, it just seems to be showbox which I love!

  74. Frequent errors since downloading app, have not been able to download anything. All films / shows say “Video unavailable”. Suggest to use other server but none available. Or…. app just kicks me out every few seconds. Am running show box 4.27 on an ASUS Zen 7.0

    Please help!!!

  75. This app was working on the Samsung s6 and now on my moto x all the movies are saying server is not available. It’s been like this for a over a week now

  76. I can’t get anything on! Get right through to watch now and then it just goes off! Driving me mad! Is it ever going to be fixed?

  77. I can’t get anything on! Get right through to watch now and then it just goes off! Driving me mad! Is it ever going to be fixed? Iv tried downloading latest version, clearing data, clearing cache, but still says no link? Can’t play video? Says it’s loading then it just goes blank or gives me an advert?? What’s happening!

  78. First off, my issue is I download showbox with my new lg v10 and when I open it up to update it it says “update failed.” And yes, my allow non google play app downloads box was checked.

    Second of all…what a bunch of demanding self entitled whine bags. It’s a FREE app! Get off your high horse! Poor showbox people’s. Its a wonderful app and you’ve done amazing work.

    When you can find the time for some trouble shooting tips I’d greatly appreciate it.

    Also, not to waist time, I have already tried the normal stuff. Uninstall, clear data, clear cache, tried older version, same update failed message.

    Again, thanks for your great app. Keep it up.

  79. I have Downloaded the latest version on my hudl 2 but when I try and open it says ‘Internet connection error’. The Internet is fine and full signal all other devices are working? Have read through all comments and other you tube posts about flight mode etc but it’s still not working? Any help gratefully received.

  80. Please adivise, it advises update, then when i click on it it says update error. When i click on a show it co.es up loading and nothing happens. When i go onto movies and click on a film the box that comes up doesnt co tain picture of movie and doesnt show anything to ask download or watch now. How do i resolve these problems, ive cleared data and cache

  81. Some shows (good wife) only showing 720p option and they only play 10 mins of the show . Is there something i’m doing wrong ? Using a asus tablet to stream to chromecast via allcast

  82. I am still receiving an update error message and servers are not available to watch.
    Please help.


  83. Just downloaded showbox and it’s not working for me will not let me update it or nothing any help please

  84. 12/20/15 Showbox has been freezing for days. Shows play for 2 seconds and freeze.
    Same with all movies.
    Cleared cache, data, uninstalled and reinstalled to No avail. Have MX Player Pro, VLC players tried every combination of players and servers – Still no go.
    Everything was fine on 12/17. Is there a solution/update coming?

  85. I’m trying to watch show box but it just keeps loading and it has been doing this for 2 day’s now I have tired so many things and have no idea what to do please help…

  86. Iv had problems for weeks, couldn’t get anything at all on. But last night all movies came back on but on server 8 which wasn’t there before? Are you changing servers? Still no shows on though. Can you let us know if this is the case. I hope so as I love this app. And would hate to lose it !! Thanks for all your help showbox .

  87. I’m having the same problems as many others. Majority of the movies say “Video Server Not Available” and have no other options as far as different servers. It used to have server 8, but not anymore. I tried to update to latest version, but it keeps giving me “Update Error”. HELP!! How much longer for this to be fixed Showbox?? Plzzzz fix soon!! I downloaded an alternate app, but my preference is Showbox.

  88. Every time I press on anything it goes back to home screen . I even factory reset my tablet. Works fine on my lg g4 , just not my tablet . it’s rubbish

  89. Also says server not available and can’t change servers . used to work fine , all of a sudden doesn’t . anyone got a fix?

  90. Hi I’m Tobias and I am very happy with Showbox, but in version 4.27 (and in all the other one’s also) he says when I open the app: ‘Connection error. Check your internet connection!’ and when I have to click on: ‘Cancel’ and when I do, it closes.
    So how I fix this and I can use Showbox again?


  91. I am also having a problem. When I first downloaded Showbox a few weeks ago it worked perfect and I started recommending friends to get it but now the last 4 days I can’t get anything to play. It.just c ok nines to load or say server not available. I have Uninstalled,cleared cache and still nothing plays. Please help!! I LOVED this app.

  92. Using a hudl 2 and showbox hasn’t worked for months no matter what version I install, very frustrating as worked great this time last year.

  93. Hello, I love showbox my only problem is that recently, it has brought up the server error, after clearing all data, Uninstaller and reinstall, I have tried updating the app, only to get an update error message. Is there any advice you can give me for the update error?

  94. I believe I have the most current version of showbox but every time I try to play a video the video does not load. There is no sort of error message. Help because I really do like and appreciate this app

  95. I have jadoo4 box and showbox was working fine on it but since last week when I try to watch any movie it just keeps browsing (black screen with circle) , have uninstalled, reset the jadoo box and then installed showbox again … Still the same prob… Is showbox not working ?

  96. Hi I have samsung note 5.. was working fine roll today pick shoe hit watch and nothing keeps tring to load done all the stuff.. love app miss it let me know when it’s fixed plz

  97. Was watching Avengers Age of Ultron yesterday and every 15-20mins it would stop. I’d have to restart my phone, clear cache and start again. I thought I’d try again today and watch criminal minds and same again.. but now it won’t restart.. what can I do?

  98. Hey there’s a movie I really like it’s called kingdom of heaven by ridely Scott starring Orlando Bloom? It’s not on it but I hope you can upload it 🙂

  99. I download movies on an Android device. For the past week all new movies download in parts. Is there a fix for this? Thank you

  100. I have had SHOW BOX on an android box for 2 years now without any problems. Now SHOW BOX will not update. Is there a fix for this or anything that I can do to correct it?

    • We have the same problem and it’s driving us mad. We love this app. ShowBox please help!

  101. Hi. Please help, driving me mad.

    Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet

    Downloaded showbox couple years ago and has worked more or less fine but since august 2015 it has stopped completely. All i keep getting is “video Error” “try another server” or than i get “Unfortunately, Show box has stopped” and programme just closes down. Ive tried downloading it so many times ive lost count and same thing keeps happening.

    Please Help!!

  102. I’ve never had a problem downloading the movies to my android phone and then transferring them to my laptop to watch on my tv through the HDMI cable.
    The app loads fine and everything plays perfectly for me. My only problem is that lately when I transfer the movie from my phone to a pc or laptop, it won’t play. It just comes up in Windows Media Player as audio only, no video. Any fix for that?

  103. It won’t let me download the update it says error. And when I click on a movie they all say video not available and try a differnt server but there is only 1 sever. Can you send me a link for the new one or the updated?

  104. I’ve been trying to watch season 5 of American horror story only been able to watch 7 minutes at a time help driving me crazy

  105. Hi my movies and shows keep buffering every 2-3 seconds. Somethings gotta be done. I’ve reinstalled cleared cache and cleared dsata. Not working. I’m getting frustrated. Ihave an android tablet with an android 5.0 lollipop. It should still work. I hope u can fix this.

  106. It does not work on tablet any more time to stop downloading their viruses and hope advertisers realise

  107. Trying to watch movies thru Allcast. The movie runs for about 20 minutes and then stops. As the movie is being streamed thru multiple files, how do I cast the balance of the files ?

  108. HiShowBox

    Love the app.
    Any plans to load “how to get away with murder”



  109. Downloaded latest APK just now (Jan 5) and no sound on movies. Thoughts?
    XBMC works.

  110. Hello I have used showbix quite happily but bow when I go into any series there are no episodes available? I can switch between series but still no content.
    This also happens with films.. i can look through the full list but then whenever I select any film I just get a black screen with small white loop going round as if waiting to load. I have tried to update but still same problem. Please tell me how to fix this? Thnak you so much x

  111. Hi love showbox I have it on my mxq tv box but after updating it says update error now have not got it at all. Have reinstalled but still the same. I really miss showbox. When will it be ok again, and thanks for a great app.

    • I have the same issue. When trying to watch a movie I’m told ‘not available on this server’. Also when starting app. I attempt to update only to be told ‘update Eddie’s. Please help.

  112. Help please very frustrated with Showbox all of a sudden can’t watch trailer or movie i got Samsung galaxy Tablet i click on movie. Just says Processing pls do not close window. Takes forever all day. Still nothing happens!??? Please help me.

    • That’s been happening to me too..very frustrating..I have noticed that most people that are getting errors are using Samsung Galaxy..coincidence?

  113. The highest resolution on all my movies is 720p…is this the highest resolution available? I can’t find ANY 1080p movies on this app

  114. I really appreciate the Showbox app but I’m waiting for the new star wars on here. Did I miss an update?

  115. Hi I’m trying to use Showbox on my Mac.I installed Arc Welder and installed Showbox 4.27apk but I keep getting a puzzle piece with a squinched face when I try to watch now. Any help? Running Mac OS 10.11 and using Chrome v 47

  116. Season 4&5 of Game of Thrones, poof. Gone. What happened. Showbox, please fix this issue, I’m dying to know what happens.
    Everything else is spot on, no other complaints.?

  117. When will the new Krampus come out on showbox? There’s one krampus on there , but its not the one in theater!

  118. Can you guys please fix the last man on earth season 2 is all messed up theres no volume and some of the episodes arent full Please Fix !

  119. What is the newest version of Showbox? Mine is not updating..keeps saying “update error” and not playing any movies or shows, saying it’s not available and the server isn’t available.
    Help please

  120. Hi,
    showbox is working fine on my Samsung tablet. However on my new android tv box (running kit kat 4.4) it displays the list of movies/shows and will also display the episodes but it doesn’t give me any option to watch or download …. so I can’t do anything!!!!

    Any ideas?

    Keep up the great work.


  121. Still not working. Cleared cache / data. Uninstalled… Reinstalled and still no luck.

  122. I love show box but all I’m getting at moment is the can’t play this video message so I’ve dun all the recommended fix suggestions and it’s still not working..I’m in the middle of true blood and would like to get to the end of it can’t watch tv series can’t watch any films

  123. I think showbox is pretty much dead. Nothing but ads and spam and errors. Nothing really works the way it used to, infact nothing works at all. Stick with Kodi. At least that works.

  124. Hello. This just started happening. Can anyone tell me why I cannot load Shows on my LG G PAD x8.3. I can see the shows and when I pick one it just keeps spinning and spinning and says loading seasons but it never loads. I have cleared the cache for the Showbox app in hopes this would solve the issue and no luck. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled and still no luck. Please help!!!

    Note: I can open them on my LG v10 without any issues. Thank you in advance.

  125. Trying to watch Beauty and the Beast (the one on CW) season 3 episodes 6 and 7, but it is only showing about 11 minutes of both episodes.
    Please fix

  126. Updates of Grey’s Anatomy S12, showing in updates section, but when I click on it no files are available to watch. Is there a problem?

  127. Hi is there a fix to stop movies playing in bit part s
    Instead of straight through it jormally works ok

  128. Hi I came across Showbox via a friend and can i say it is fantastic although reading through the comments on here i seem not to be the only one with issues. Watching Teen Wolf which is fantastic and no season three available it is blank all other seasons are there – why is this ? is their a problem ? will it be fixed?

    Sharon – thanks in advance

  129. I bought androie TV box today and my showbox don’t work it’s tell me to update then it’s says update error I tryed everything can someone tell what to do??

    • If the showbox icon shows an eye you need to delete that and upload the latest version which has Showbox written on it with yellow arrows

    • I have this exact problem as well everything else works fine just game of thrones shuts showbox down

      Is this going to be resolved soon

  130. Hi
    I am not very computer savvy! Ive got a samsung galaxy tab 3, i have the showboz app and it has been amazing – thank you. This last week i keep getting the processing screen then after a few mins it says either Video not available or closes with a box say Showbox not working with a ok button. Ive cleared data and cache , downloaded updated version and deleted the old version and its still the same. Any help would be appreciated – thanks

  131. My showbox doesn’t show the whole movie it only show like the first 25 minute it on the player of my note 3 please help

  132. Showbox still not working properly. None of the movies are available -just get message server not available. Most shows also not available including X-files or Game of Thrones. I can only seem to watch Big Bang Theory at the moment.

    Can someone at Showbox post an update as to its status and plans to fix the seemingly terminal issues?

  133. showbox not working no server any help is showbox still here?

    i love it hope to see fix soon.

  134. I love this app it’s great – works perfectly on my galaxy tab & galaxy s4 but when I try to stream to my computer via chromecast it works for 10 mins and then freezes…any work arounds? Ways to fix? Devices & apps are updated to latest versions. thanks!

  135. I can’t get showbox to work on my Samsung Galaxy 6+ edge, but it works fine on my galaxy tab S. Does anyone have an explanation? When trying to launch app on the phone, I get the error “server not available”, and when I try to update, it just comes back with “update error”. I love this app, but its very frustrating for the phone. Any assistance would be appreciated.

  136. ShowBox, on Bluestacks on Macbook Pro not working. Keep getting connection error.other apps downloaded and open properly. Only ShowBox gives connection error. No longer a working app?

  137. hi eveyone I have the same problem with showbox tryed to update did not work tryed a new apk code to still not work ask a friend too lookat it he tryed to could not get it to work after three days so p… off right now trying watching the walking dead on season 6 get it fix plz . thank you

  138. Still not seeing GOT seasons 4&5. Showbox said on dec 12th it would be soon but that was a month ad a half ago?! Any updates?

  139. Showbox is not working on my hudl 2
    Please help
    Downloaded the latest version but its coming up with some server error

  140. I just installed Showbox and everything seemed to be working except when I try to download a movie. It just keeps saying processing while flipping back and forth between title screen and download screen. Please help me

  141. WATCHED SISTERS AND THE LAST 12 mins of the movie lost the sound and had a terrible high pitch sound for the audio track?!

  142. On Hudl 2 you want to download Showbox 4.16 apk and that still works fine on my Hudl running android 5.1. Every time you open it then it will ask to update and just make sure you decline. Latest films will still update even if you decline to update the app.

  143. Just downloaded version 4.27 for Android and was able to download a movie but am unable to get it to play. Any ideas to get it playing?

  144. Hi Showbox just wanted to know if the update error will be fixed, showbox works on my phone but wont work on galaxy tab 4, so any news?

  145. Shoebox saying video not available. And update error. Any fix for it? Thank you in advance

  146. My Hudl 2 has had problems in the past with Showbox but finally got it working and now it comes up with network connection error try again later. and wont update. i have tried everything possible. is there anything that you can suggest

  147. Season 3 of teenwolf has gone missing from showbox

    Can you advise if u will be making it available again

    Season 1, 2, 4, 5 are there but season 3 is gone

    Please help

  148. Used to love it but not anymore…for the last 8 months or so I get..do not close window, Window will close automatically when data processing is complete..over and over again when it downloads a film.. hit resume..same message..downloading stops..same message..hit resume..etc etc etc… awful..every so often I instal again, same problem..uninstal…

  149. Showbox not playing videos on ssmsung S2 phone All I get is a blank screen HELP I love this app so much! Ive updated it & cleaned cache & reinstalled & its still not working. Tried it on two s2 phones ; none are working !!!

  150. Just updated to 4.51 but its buffering. I have moto x 4glte phone. Ive already cleared the data and cach.

  151. Showbox,
    Thanks for all you do !
    Awesome app !!
    1 question: when updating Android ott tv box at showbox start, it failed due to security settings. I had to “allow unknown sources” is this correct ?
    Still downloading at this time.

  152. I have just downloaded showbox to my pc, when u click in the app it automatically goes to a blank screen, I have uninstalled and installed it 3 times and exactly the same thing each time, any suggestions please?

  153. Perfectly legal to use as you cant actually watch anything because it constantly crashes…

  154. version 4.27 is the best version to use, HANDS DOWN!!!!!!! THE LATEST VERSION SUCKS ASS!!!!!!!!!!……..SOMETIMES THE NEWEST ISN’T THE BEST………. IE: LOOK AT APPLE……..

  155. Still crashing, anyone from Showbox care to give an explainatio as to why you cant be bothered to sort it out or even give a proper explanation?

  156. Showbox won’t let me watch season 4 or 5 of pretty little liars. I have tried on multiple devices and it still won’t work.

  157. Showbox keeps showing processing please don’t close window, please help been like this for over a month

  158. Showbox keeps showing processing please don’t close window, please help been like this for over a month, what do I do

  159. None of it working. Tried uninstalling, reinstalling, clearing data and cache etc. Getting really frustrated as its usually a good app. Please help!!!!

  160. Why are tv episodes now in parts? One episode now runs a 6-9part download making for huge downloads.

  161. Does anyone from Showbox actually answer any of these queries or are we just talking amongst ourselves here?

    • So many with problems that can’t be resolved and nobody from Showbox can help, makes you wonder wth is really going on.

  162. I don’t know if leaving a comment will actually make a difference but on my tablet I can watch movies, and I can see TV shows, but when I click on a TV show it says “Loading Seasons” and will do that for about two minutes and then shows an empty space where the shows should be. This happens on every TV show. Anyone else have this problem? Would love Se help if any other users have run into this and been able to resolve it.

  163. Hi, i am watching Revenge on Showbox and i finished season 2, only season 3 and 4 do not appear on showbox. Please can you fix that? Thnx! ☺

  164. showbox wont beam stuff for me now. i use a roku2 and twonky and or allcast but when i try to beam with twonky it will say “file not supported/cannot play” (even though it worked before) and when i use allcast almost ALL of the videos will act like they are loading but will hang around 9-10%. its getting real annoying

  165. Why won’t showbox let me download any movies/TV shows or use the “watch now” feature? This has been going on for months now what’s going on??? I need showbox please help!!!!!!!!!!

  166. Fed up of being chucked out of showbox, programmes not playing or playing for short periods. Frustrating as this used to be a great app. Is there any others recommended?

    • Movie HD and Cartoon HD both work.

      No one at Showbox seems to care enough to even comment anymore, so little chance of them sorting out the problems with the app.

  167. Weeds season 1 is empty on my showbox. All other season showup? Any ideas how to fix? Most recent update I have.

  168. Hey showbox I’m wondering is the man in the high castle available or will be on showbox? Also I’d like to see the movies panic room and Kingdom of heaven added onto it thanks 🙂

    • hey Markyboy fyi i believe man in the high castle and a few other hulu/amazon/netflix only releases are available on MoviesHD also just a general fyi to others looking for cartoons/anime streams there is another app called #Toonmania that works great for animation.

  169. Hey guys, sick of waiting months for someone from Showbox to sort this mess out…anyone know of anything similar that works?

  170. Season 3 on teen wolf is not appearing up on my screen. It has 1,2,3,4,5 but s3 won’t even show me the episodes! Do you know how to help me fix it please, showobox?


  172. Hi, I LOVE your app. I moved to another country from the United States and Showbox has been a HUGE blessing to me because I can watch ALMOST everything I watched in the US. My problem is this: I have Showbox on my android phone and I select Allcast so I can watch it on my television. But I can only watch shows that play in 360p on my tv. If a show is only has 720p as the only option it will not play on my tv, it will only play on my android. How do I get 720p shows to play on my tv? Also can I request a certain tv show to be added to your list of shows? I love the reality shows and you don’t have hardly any. Thank you for your time. I hope I hear back from you soon. Thank you.

  173. Found the reason for the problem…in the past I’ve always downloaded films on Showbox using wifi…I have 164mb cable but when I’m home I use the wifi associated with it for my phone…because its always worked previously I never thought to check..my son tried to download a film on his and he had same error, which he thought odd because his works at home…so we turned off the wifi on the phone, downloaded a film using 4g data and it worked…dammit..no longer can use wifi to download..so..I won’t be using it..anyways..just to say reason found..no use whatsoever though.

  174. Hi. Please respond. Season 3 teen wolf . Where is it ? Very sad as we cant watch the other 2 seasons till weve seen this one.
    Also I put krampus the kids Xmas film on for my daughter and it showed an X rated film of the same name, but the trailer was the right one. You may have put them both in the wrong place. As there are 2 films of the same name.
    Much love and happiness.

  175. This is getting just a little bit silly now…

    Are you going to sort this once great app, or just keep on burying your heads in the sand?

  176. You write, “Please be patient for the Game of Thrones Season 4,5 and Season 6 Upcoming Episodes on showbox. We are currently working on it…”

    GoT seasons 4 & 5 have been gone from Showbox for at least five months now. According to all of your posts you have been actively “uploading” or “working on it” all that time or doing it “ASAP”. Just how patient can one GoT fan be? Why you needed to take the old copies down before *not* uploading their replacements is a mystery. I have come to the conclusion that you are *not* “currently working on it” and never will be. My patience has run out. I have moved over to Kodi+Genesis+SALTS. It’s an all-you-can-eat Game of Thrones buffet over there.

  177. Every time I log on to showbox it asks me to upgrade. I hit do this now but it keeps say unfortunately show box has stopped working. So I go back in to it and it asks again. This has been going on for months. It then says it is up dating the downloads movies / series and when it done it say at the moment 83 updates, when in fact it’s only been 3. Can you please let me know what is happening. Thank you

  178. I can’t get any episode from any show to load. I have tried on all my devices and still nothing. Please help.

    • I am having the same issue. Also when you try to download a show or movie it just gives you a clip.

  179. Showbox asking for captcha every time and still doesnt work. Really dissapointed. Anyone suggest another app to try?

    • I’m having the same issuesDeanna ! and nobody has contacted me yet with a solution , please should you get an answer can you forward it to me? Danny Ray

  180. Everytime I try to watch anything all I get is play in 720 or download.There are no other servers only 720 and when I play them there’s only 7 minutes at most of every thing I’ve tried to watch.I’ve even downloaded them but again there’s only 7 minutes at most .This app was great but this problem has been going on now for 2 weeks so I guess I will have to use tv portal or kodi on my tablet.

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  182. Hi 🙂

    can you help me pls, once i install and open it it work amazingly then the next day its not opening again i have to uninstall it and install it again.
    can you help me pls

  183. May 8 2016. No version of Showbox working for me for past week or so. Any way to give us an update of status. Thanks very much.

  184. hey there. my showbox app wont let me stream anything as of the last 2 weeks. only offers the torrent option. tried changing back to server option but no success. anyone got a work around for this issue? thanks

  185. I want to watch movies on t.v new update has taken that option… 🙁

    • Delete mx player and download Grow box from internet. It will pick up all cast.

  186. Where’s server 1…? Since the update theres no server 1..I can’t stream any movies/shows to my chromecast…it keeps saying I need mx player.. I’ve been using all-cast forever.. any ideas..?

    • Did you find anything that lets you cast it? I’m so sad, mines been working through local cast up until 3 weeks ago and now its only allowing that stupid mx player 🙁

  187. Can you help me plz..blue bloods is stating that video is not found on server??? It won’t let me change the server either?

  188. Hi is showbox being updated or is it just completely down? I love this app and really appreciate having it but lately nothing works at all i have tried reinstalling, clearing the cache and changing the server, nothing helps. I am using showbox on android. Anyone have any ideas please?

    • I am having the same issue after the latest update. It only gives me the option to download, no longer the watch now tab to be able to use allcast. I am hoping they will fix this very soon as I see a lot of users are experiencing the same difficulties

    • I have exactly the same problem. I have no idea how to fixed that or is it problem with server?

    • I have found three other apps,but not as good as Showbox. But they are working. They are CinemaBox HD.apk, MegaBox HD.apk and Cartoon HD.

  189. I have had the same problem ie: video not available or it just clcks over to processing I got fed up with trying different version so opped to cinema HD works great no problems so far you get all the latest movie. And TV shows

  190. Yeah same problem. Tells me video not available on server. App does not allow me to change server, and for movies It only gives me the option of downloading. This has been like this for the past 2 to 3 weeks ever since the last update that was issued for the app. Hope they fix it soon.

  191. May 9, 2016
    I’ve been having issues with the app not working at all, for the past week or so. Did a little trouble shooting and got it working again, so I thought. Finally after being able to actually play the videos, it stopped playing after 13 minutes. In fact, EVERY video, whether show for movie is only 13 to 14 minutes.
    I even uninstalled and reinstalled with the latest version and still no dice…
    Any help out there?

  192. Im having problems with the app. Im getting the captcha and i can not get pass that

  193. Why is my showbox showing Pretty Little Liars Season 6 in another language than english? and It is making me download all the episodes.

  194. Hello,
    I love this app. Recently I have been getting an error….processing please do not close window…. Is there a fix for this or is it being updated?

  195. Hi

    For the past couple of weeks at least Showbox server 1 isn’t working with no other server option available. When there is another server (8 or 4), ther’s no audio. Showbox doesn’t cast to Chromecast either. I get a message asking me to download a different media player and when I’ve done so, that doesn’t work. So all in all, it’s all a bit of a mess. It’s great there’s such a wide variety of things to watch but not if none of it works. Hopefully these issues will be addressed sooner rather than later.

  196. All of the movies are only 15 to 20 minutes. I haven’t been able to the app since the new update. Help! Also episodes 5 and 6 of Banshee have no sound.

  197. Hello, I’m a huge fan of showbox and use it more frequently than any other app I own and have recommended it to all my friends, family and co-workers who enjoy keeping up-to-date on the latest movies and shows and enjoying old favorites all in one convenient app…however with the newest update, as you’re aware, you have removed the ability/option to “cast”. With previous versions “casting” allowed users to stream video to other devices on user’s wifi networks, ie. to xbox one via “allcast”, which is highly convenient for us users who prefer this rather than viewing it on the small screens of our mobile devices. Post-Update I as well as the billions of other users who have taken this luxury for granted have been robbed of family time in front of our big screens that hold themselves up and entertain more than 2 people at a time. I just want to know when I will be able to use all cast to stream movies and shows to xbox one again? Thanks and feel free to email me with the good news!

  198. Ive had show box for a while now and had no problems until now. There is no sound when playing any show on my phone. Any suggestions for this. I have the current update. Still love the app though.

  199. No responses, no action, I’m thinking they’re closed for business. I’ve been using cinema box hd, but some episodes I downloaded aren’t proper, the sound is good, but the video is off. Basically, forget the freebies.

  200. Has anyone ever got an answer off this?! Or where to go to solve these problems!???
    Sever one still down and not working

  201. My showbox app hasn’t been working since my last update. Please get this fixed!

  202. Hi, wondering if anyone could please advise how to fix my downloads and streamed movies and shows to stop loading in parts? I have server 4 or server 8 as my options on new and old movies and shows. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app with no avail.
    Many thanks.

  203. The last response from Showbox to anyone’s reply was back in November. Frustrated!!

  204. Hi showbox. I am struggling to watch on my TV. Only server 8 is available for most the movies/shows and I can’t watch on smart screen on my TV. Please help …..

  205. Server 1 must have been raided or something… Server 4 and 8 are all that are available and they only show the first 14-22 minutes of a film. Torrents aren’t working via “casting” method either. My guess is Showbox got hit much like Movietube and others. RIP free movies and tv. 🙁

  206. I can only seem to access 15 min of my favourite shows and can no longer find server 1 or cast to my smart tv. please fix this wonderful app.

  207. Server 1 missing on samsung tab 4 won’t show up at all just 4,8,and torents getting tired of downloading to watch shows movies.pleasemail fix

  208. Showbiz you guys have been a great thing for our family, and. I know your fixing the bugs wanted to say thanks. Also, The shown”In Time” is not the correct show. When you watch it it is the show “Time Rush”.Could you please fix when you get a sec

  209. I just did the latest update and you still can’t use cast. Captain America gives you the option to watch now, but only on server 8 at 720 and then it goes on to say it isn’t working with MX player. I am so confused as to what is going on with Showbox..does anyone know what is going on with these recent updates that are basically ruining the whole point of it?

  210. Delete mx player if it’s installed and install Growbox, when it asks for external player select growbox and it should stream through allcast, works with my samsung s6 and chromecast anyway

  211. So when I choose a film it just keeps asking me for a captcha code and it doesn’t mater how many times I enter it it just keeps asking for another one.

    If server 8 is available on some films then I can run that but the films are cut down to 15-30mins.

    I cleared the cache and have re installed the app and it doesn’t make a difference.

    I also downloaded the new version but that just lets me download not watch now.

    Has the watch now option been lost?

  212. The show “Underground” has been taken over by this comedy show called “Comedy.Underground by dave something”…its not the real show.Everytime I download an episode that pops up.Disappointed because it worked at first and I want to finish the season. Please help

  213. I have updated showbox. Unistalled the app and installed it over again. I cannot watch anything. It only gives me the option to download. I only see torrents and when I click to switch to server it doesn’t even give me the option to do so. I just have torrents. Please help!

  214. I just got version 4.64 of show box and the search menu for music says “Sorry, but the search is currently unavailable” and I was wondering how to fix that problem or if I should get a different version

  215. Showbox is STILL giving the old “stopped working” message.

    No one from Showbox gives a toss, its been over 6 months since their last post on here. Pathetic.

  216. my Showbox for some odd reason, after i tap on the movie it shows download and play but then the screen goes black and doesn’t do anything without me clicking on it help pls

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